local fundraising programs

With over 56 billion cups of popcorn being consumed annually, it’s no surprise that popcorn makes an excellent fundraiser for your organization. Our fundraising program caters to all organizations, both large and small, and will provide you with excellent margins to better support your programs and initiatives. 

We believe in giving back to our community that has given so much back to us through support of our store.

We have two different options available as fundraising programs.

1. Presale Fundraising Program

What makes our fundraiser great is that there is zero up-front expense. We provide all the resources needed for an organized fundraiser, including downloadable order forms and information sheets. At the end of your fundraiser, you’ll turn in the forms to place your order. The great thing about our fundraiser is that you earn more per bag sold the more bags you sell during your presale event! Our unique fundraising bags are large and enough to share with family and friends. Under this program, you'll pay for the bag order upon turning in your form, allowing your organization no up-front investment.

We ask for 2-3 weeks for processing and pick-up from our Maryville store, but we typically get orders turned around faster. We want to ensure what your donors receive the freshest popcorn possible that so many in the area have come to expect and love.

2. Online/Virtual Fundraiser

For those who want to turn to friends, family, and social media, this option may be right for you! We'll create a unique promotional code that will serve as your organization's fundraising. You'll be able to provide a discount to your donors, and you'll receive a % off every sale! While this isn't as good as the presale option, it's popular among organizations that want to make it a continuous fundraising source by displaying the promotional code on their website, in email newsletters, and in in-person events.

This is specifically designed for organizations that don't have the time necessary to pre-sale bags.

Maximum Profit!

Our tiered presale fundraising program delivers profits up to 70% (depending on volume) but guarantee a 50% margin for smaller fundraising opportunities. It’s our goal to make this the best fundraising option for those in East Tennessee so you’ll come back and want to do it year after year.

Our most popular flavors to make your fundraiser a success!

Is your organization looking for a new & easy way to raise money? Our fundraising program can help!

We love helping clubs, scout troops, churches, youth groups, sports teams, non-profit organizations, you name it! We can customize your fundraiser based on your audience, goals, and turnaround. Fill out the below form and we'll be in touch on getting you started with a True American Popcorn fundraiser!