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True American Popcorn

Parmesan Garlic Gourmet Popcorn

Parmesan Garlic Gourmet Popcorn

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Elevate your snacking with the savory and aromatic flavors of our Parmesan Garlic Gourmet Popcorn. This delectable treat features premium popcorn seasoned with a perfect blend of rich Parmesan cheese and zesty garlic, creating a mouthwatering combination that is both bold and satisfying. Each bite delivers a burst of savory goodness that cheese lovers will adore.

Handcrafted in small batches in Maryville, TN, we use only the finest ingredients to ensure exceptional quality and taste. Our commitment to freshness guarantees that your popcorn is ultra-fresh when it arrives at your door, backed by our Freshness Guarantee. If it's not fresh, it's free! Savor the robust and savory taste of our Parmesan Garlic Gourmet Popcorn.

FlavorGuard Packaging

Our popcorn comes in FlavorGuard bags, specially designed to lock in freshness and flavor. These mylar bags provide an airtight seal and help preserve the popcorn for longer, ensuring your popcorn stays ultra-fresh from our kitchen to your door. Enjoy the best-tasting popcorn with our Freshness Guarantee.

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